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Dr. Ann-Kathrin Schwarzkopf

Chronic kidney disease

35 Yrs

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Bern, Switzerland






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Schänzlihalde 11, 3013 Bern, Switzerland


The damage to the kidneys occurs with the passage of time, and the main reason for kidney disease involves high blood pressure and diabetes. Both, diabetes and high blood pressure are increasing health issues among adults. Hypertension is also the main reason for chronic kidney disease, which often results in heart strokes. To sustain, improve and extend the life of a kidney patient, Dr. Ann-Kathrin Schwarzkopf helps to plan the treatment wisely. She is a specialist from Germany in nephrology and general internal medicine, which is a vast and diverse field of medicine with various subspecialties. Most of the doctors specialize in internal medicine, but Dr. Ann-Kathrin Schwarzkopf preferred to add skill in nephrology. Dr. Ann-Kathrin Schwarzkopf contributed her services as a senior physician in nephrology in various Hospitals and medical care centers. According to Dr. Ann- Kathrin Schwarzkopf, health holds paramount importance, and she treats diseases effectively. She prefers to use the best medicines to treat the patients and handle their comprehensive illness. The experienced and skilled Dr. Ann- Kathrin Schwarzkopf is not confined to one particular organ, but she is specialized to deal with complex and challenging medical issues even if it's rare. She has received special training to deal with severe chronic and diagnostic issues. After proper medication, diet changes, and dialysis, if Dr. Ann- Kathrin Schwarzkopf diagnoses kidney failure, kidney transplant is referred to as per her broad and deep understanding of nephrology. However, she is spending a rewarding career with all the patients.