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Dr. Anoud Hussin Alkikhia

Pigmentation · Resurfacing Laser Treatment


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CosmeSurge, Al Jimi



Contact Information

Al Jimi, before Al Jimi KG, opposite to Mashreq Supermarket, P.O. Box 66339, Al Ain, UAE


"Welcome to the world of skincare excellence with Dr. Anoud Hussin Alkikhia, a dedicated and expert Dermatologist. With a passion for skin health and a wealth of experience, Dr. Alkikhia is your trusted partner in achieving radiant, healthy skin. Specializing in a comprehensive range of dermatological services, Dr. Alkikhia offers personalized treatments tailored to your unique skin needs. From acne management to anti-aging solutions, skin rejuvenation, and more, she combines cutting-edge techniques with a compassionate approach to deliver exceptional care. Her commitment to patient education empowers you with a deeper understanding of your skin concerns and the available treatment options. Dr. Alkikhia believes in building lasting relationships with her patients, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment throughout your skincare journey. Whether you seek advice on skincare routines, require specialized treatments, or need guidance on maintaining healthy skin, Dr. Anoud Hussin Alkikhia's expertise stands out. Visit her practice for a transformative experience towards achieving glowing, flawless skin. Experience the difference with Dr. Anoud Hussin Alkikhia, your partner in unlocking the beauty of healthy skin."