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Dr. Antonio Allona

Prostate cancer

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Ruber Internacional Hospital

Comunidad de Madrid, Spain






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Calle de la Masó, 38, 28034 Madrid, Spain


Dr. Antonio Allona is an experienced director of the Urology unit at Ruber International Hospital. As an expert in prostate cancer, he helped many patients and earned much respect from many patients. He has rich experience in treating urology disorders as well. He is an organizer and participant as a professor and guest surgeon in multiple courses. Dr. Antonio completed his MBBS at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Granada, and several years later, he gained the title of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Alcala in Henares. Additionally, he has also presented many papers at several national and international conferences. He is an author of numerous publications: books, publications, conference communications. Moreover, Dr. Antonio Allona is also a member of the Spanish Association of Urology.