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Dr. Arda Kazım Demirkan

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Liv Hospital Samsun

Samsun, Türkiye







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No:155 Fatih Sultan Mehmet Caddesi Hançerli İlkadım Samsun Türkiye


Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues? Do you need a compassionate and experienced psychiatrist who can provide you with the support and care you need to overcome your challenges? Look no further than Dr. Arda Kazım Demirkan, a leading expert in the field of psychiatry. Dr. Demirkan has a particular interest in depression and anxiety disorders, sexual dysfunctions, substance and alcohol addiction, obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders, mood disorders, and psychotic disorders, as well as feeding and eating disorders. He has extensive knowledge and experience in these areas and is dedicated to providing his patients with the most effective and compassionate care possible. Dr. Demirkan received his medical education from Trakya University Faculty of Medicine and completed his training at Erenkoy Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases Training and Research Hospital. With years of experience working with patients of all ages and backgrounds, Dr. Demirkan has developed a reputation for providing exceptional care and support to his patients.