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Dr. Artur Mazur

Growth Hormone Therapy · Pediatric obesity

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Kliniczny Szpital Wojewodzki Nr 2 im. Sw. Jadwigi Krolowej w Rzeszowie

Podkarpackie, Poland





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Lwowska 60, 35-301 Rzeszow


Embark on a journey of pediatric care excellence with Dr. Artur Mazur, a distinguished Pediatric Endocrinologist at Kliniczny Szpital Wojewodzki Nr 2 im. Sw. Jadwigi Krolowej w Rzeszowie. Dr. Mazur stands out as one of the premier doctors at this medical hospital, celebrated for his exceptional expertise in pediatric endocrinology. A recognized authority in his field, Dr. Mazur brings forth a wealth of knowledge and compassionate care to young patients and their families. Graduating with distinction, Dr. Mazur is committed to providing the highest standard of healthcare for children, ensuring their growth and development are in safe and expert hands. At Kliniczny Szpital Wojewodzki Nr 2, Dr. Mazur is a beacon of medical excellence, renowned for his diagnostic precision, personalized treatment plans, and empathetic approach to pediatric endocrinology. Parents and guardians trust Dr. Mazur for his commitment to ensuring the well-being of their little ones. Dr. Mazur specializes in addressing a spectrum of pediatric endocrine disorders, ensuring that each child receives tailored, comprehensive care. From growth-related concerns to hormonal imbalances, Dr. Mazur's expertise shines through in providing accurate diagnoses and effective treatment strategies. Book your child's appointment with Dr. Artur Mazur today to experience pediatric care that goes beyond expectations. With his dedication and proficiency, your family can trust in a healthcare journey marked by expertise, compassion, and lasting well-being. Your child's health is in the best hands with Dr. Mazur at Kliniczny Szpital Wojewodzki Nr 2.