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Dr. Asim Gultekin

Childhood Infectious Diseases · Pediatric Allergy

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Private Eryaman Hospital

Ankara, Türkiye





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Eryaman, Şehit Osmanavcı Mahallesi, 2649. Sk. No: 2, 06820, Türkiye


Discover Exceptional Pediatric Care at Private Eryaman Hospital with Dr. Asim Gultekin Are you seeking top-tier pediatric care for your precious little ones? Look no further! Meet Dr. Asim Gultekin, a distinguished specialist in pediatrics, who brings world-class expertise to Private Eryaman Hospital in Turkey. With a commitment to your child's health and well-being, Dr. Gultekin is the trusted choice for parents worldwide. Education and Expertise Dr. Asim Gultekin's impressive credentials set him apart as a leader in pediatric medicine. He earned his medical degree from the prestigious Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine and further honed his skills with a specialization in Child Health and Diseases at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine. As a result, you can trust that your child is in the capable hands of a truly knowledgeable and dedicated professional. Why Choose Dr. Gultekin? World-Renowned Specialist: Dr. Gultekin's extensive experience and dedication to excellence have earned him a global reputation. Families from all corners of the world seek his expertise. Compassionate Care: Dr. Gultekin not only brings medical expertise but also a compassionate approach to pediatric care. Your child's comfort and well-being are always his top priority. Cutting-Edge Treatment: With access to the latest advancements in pediatric medicine, Dr. Gultekin ensures that your child receives the best possible care, tailored to their unique needs. State-of-the-Art Facility: Private Eryaman Hospital offers a modern, child-friendly environment where your little one can feel at ease during their visit. Your Child's Health Matters: Dr. Gultekin's commitment to the well-being of your child is unwavering. Whether it's routine check-ups or complex medical conditions, he's here to provide the highest standard of care.