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    Dr. Asli Basabak

    Telemedicine · Impulsivity and accompanying disorders

    NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital

    İstanbul, Turkey


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    Addiction is a complex disorder in which there is the uncontrolled use of something despite awareness of its harmful consequences. People can be addicted to alcohol, nicotine, drugs, or even social media. These addictions sometimes impair a person’s ability to function normally in their life and cause physical, psychological, and interpersonal problems for them. A Clinical Psychologist is a medical professional who identifies the symptoms of addiction in people and suggest the treatment accordingly. Dr. Asli Basabak is a highly skilled Clinical Psychologist of NP Istanbul Brain Hospital, Turkey. She also provides Telepsychiatry or Online Therapy services for her patients. She is a graduate of the Psychology Department, Mersin University. In 2011, she completed her Master’s program in Clinical Psychology from Okan University with a project on ‘Impulsivity and anger in antisocial and Borderline Personality Disorders’. In her sessions, Dr. Asli Basabak uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Awareness Therapy, Schema Therapy, and Motivational Interview approaches. She is now completing her Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Uskudar, Turkey. She has practiced at renowned counselling centers of Turkey during her career. Before her association with NP Istanbul Brain Hospital, she served as a Clinical Psychologist at Yoi Psychological Counselling Centre, Interaction Consultancy Center, and Health and Education Association, Istanbul. Dr. Asli Basabak has worked a lot in the field of addiction. She was one of the developers and practitioners of Kultegin Ogel’s Alcohol Substance Abuse Treatment Program, a prison project. She has also coordinated as a project assistant in projects run by UNICEF and the Ministry of Justice. Since 2012, she has been working at NP Istanbul Brain Hospital and provides counselling and therapy to individuals with alcohol and substance use disorders and other behavioral addictions. Besides this, Dr. Asli Basabak is a Lecturer at Uskudar University and gives lectures about clinical psychology, addiction counselling and rehabilitation programs.