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    Dr. Ayla Kut

    Cataract Surgery · Myopia and astigmatism

    Medicana Camlica Medical Center

    İstanbul, Turkey


    Foundation year




    Dr. Ayla Kut is the best doctor of Cataract Surgery, Myopia, and astigmatism. She is the best-known surgeon who works in Medicana Camlica Medical Center. She works as a senior doctor in this hospital, where she is respected and admired. She has a considerable number of students who seek her guidance to further their professional knowledge. Dr. Ayla Kut is a well-qualified physician. She studied at Izmir Ege University Faculty of Medicine. She graduated in medicine from the mentioned university with flying colors. She was a brilliant student during her studies, where she was admired for her passion for learning and practicing medicine. She also completed her house job training in Izmir Ege University Faculty of Medicine successfully. She was viewed as an emerging competent doctor. She was also awarded honors for her dedication to her services. Dr. Ayla Kut worked as an accomplished doctor after her training. She acquired immense experience after her graduation. But her spirit for gaining more professional qualifications inspired her to pursue a specialization in Ophthalmology and Surgery. After her specialization, she gained more than 25 years of experience working with renowned hospitals and medical centers. During her professional journey, she tackled every challenge with boldness and perseverance. Dr. Ayla Kut has also earned herself a name to be the epitome of honesty who works with professionalism and integrity. She offers them the best treatment possible and takes greater care of them. She is a literary person who reads various genres of books to keep herself updated about multiple fields.