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Dr. Ayse Filiz Ormanci

General anesthesia

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Acibadem Atasehir Outpatient Clinic

İstanbul, Turkey








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Küçükbakkalköy, Vedat Günyol Cd. No:36, 34750 Ataşehir/İstanbul, Turkey


Dr. Ayse Filiz Ormanci is the leading specialist doctor of General anesthesia. She works in the best Acibadem Atasehir Outpatient Clinic, Turkey. She administers anesthesia to the patients before their operations. She is highly expert in taking care of patients. From an early age, Dr. Ayse Filiz Ormanci envisioned herself to be a doctor in the future. She studied well to achieve her goals. She applied to medical studies at Trakya University, Turkey, and graduated from the faculty of medicine at an early age. She underwent compulsory doctor’s training and acquired numerous excellent skills. She worked hard to shine her personality as a doctor and to emerge as the leading physician. She worked in a challenging environment and proved her mettle through consistency and commitment. She is highly dedicated to her services and never compromises on them. After practicing as a general physician for years, Dr. Ayse Filiz Ormanci applied for a specialization degree at Bezmi Alem Valide Sultan Vakif Gureba Training and Research Hospital. She got her specialization degree in Anesthesiology and Reanimation. During her specialization, she gained new skills. She enjoyed the process of getting new professional qualifications and upgrading her skills. Dr. Ayse Filiz Ormanci is also an amiable person and loves to socialize with people. She spends considerable time with her patients before administering the treatment. She is known for her dexterity and efficiency in her work. She is also a lover of books and reads extensively to keep her passion for learning new things alive.