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    Dr. Ayse Oner

    Retinal disease · Eye diseases

    Acibadem Kayseri Hospital

    Kayseri, Turkey


    Foundation year






    Medical staff


    Dr. Ayse Oner is a famous ophthalmologist working at the Acibadem Kayseri Hospital, Turkey. She graduated from the Çukurova University and then, later on, went to gain her degree of specialization from Erciyes University. Dr. Ayse Oner has commendable expertise and command over the diseases and conditions of her field. She is known to be a skillful expert when dealing with conditions such as retinal diseases and other eye diseases as well. The field of Dr. Ayse Oner is a delicate one. She deals with that organ of the body that, once lost, could not be revived or recovered back again. This is why she takes great care and precision when dealing with all the patients who come to her. The retina of the eye is an incredibly complicated structure. Therefore, it is best if only an expert and skillful individual deals with the abnormalities and diseases of the retina. Here is where the expertise of Dr. Ayse Oner comes into play. She has skillfully performed several complicated surgeries throughout her career, and her success rates have been very high during all of this. Dr. Ayse Oner has kept her medical knowledge and expertise updated throughout the years by keeping in touch with the latest trends in ophthalmology and implementing them in her practice to receive nothing less but the best form of care from her. Her friendly and caring approach towards her patients makes her an easy-to-approach and empathetic doctor for whom the safety and health of her patients come first.