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Dr. Babak Bahar

Chemotherapy · Cancer genomics

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Mehr General Hospital

Tehran Province, Iran





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West Zartosht Street, Valiasr Square, Tehran, Iran


Dr. Babak Bahar is an oncologist at Mehr General Hospital. He is a doctor who treats cancer and provides medical care to cancer patients. He is a member of the adult blood and cancer specialist boards at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He is a member of Tehran General Medical University's Specialized Board of Internal Diseases. He graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences with a degree in General Medicine. Dr. Bahar is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Blood, Cancer, and Transplantation. He has written numerous articles on leukemia transplantation (more than 30 articles). He translated books on Anatomy, Nephrology, Malaria, Nutrition, and Internal Glands for internal and general course students, which Jihad University of Tehran printed and reproduced. He is a member of the following society and associations: • Member of the American Society of Oncologists ASCO • Member of the European Association of Oncologists • Member of Iranian Leukemia Association