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Dr. Bae Seong-woo

Breast Cancer · Benign Breast Disease · Thyroid cancer


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Good Moonhwa Hospital

Busan, South Korea



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119 Beomil-ro Dong-gu Busan South Korea


Introducing Dr. Bae Seong-woo: Your Trusted Expert in Breast Surgery Good Moonhwa Hospital proudly presents Dr. Bae Seong-woo, an accomplished and highly skilled surgeon who has dedicated his life to the art of healing. With an impressive background and an unwavering commitment to patient care, Dr. Bae is your go-to specialist for all your breast surgery needs. Educational Excellence: Dr. Bae Seong-woo is a proud graduate of Pusan National University College of Medicine, where he honed his exceptional medical skills. His relentless pursuit of excellence has earned him the coveted title of Doctor of Medicine, solidifying his status as a true medical luminary. Expertise in Breast Surgery: When it comes to breast surgery, there's no one quite like Dr. Bae. His specialization in this intricate field sets him apart as a trusted authority in the realm of breast health. With a delicate touch and keen precision, Dr. Bae ensures the best possible outcomes for his patients. Clinical Excellence: As an Outpatient Professor of Surgery at Pusan National University Hospital and Dong-A University Hospital, Dr. Bae Seong-woo is at the forefront of surgical innovation. His clinical expertise is renowned, making him a sought-after professional in the medical community. Lifetime Commitment: Dr. Bae is not just a surgeon; he's a lifelong advocate for patients. He is a proud lifetime member of the Korean Breast Cancer Society and the Korean Surgical Society, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to advancing the field of surgery and breast health. Your Health, Our Priority: At Good Moonhwa Hospital, your health is our top priority. Dr. Bae Seong-woo is the embodiment of our commitment to excellence in healthcare. With him by your side, you can trust that you're in the hands of a compassionate and highly experienced surgeon. Choose Dr. Bae Seong-woo for a brighter and healthier future. Experience the pinnacle of breast surgery expertise at Good Moonhwa Hospital. Your journey to wellness begins here.