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    Dr. Bakytbek Kazybaev

    Heart Failure Surgery · Arrhythmia surgery

    Acibadem Kayseri Hospital

    Kayseri, Turkey


    Foundation year






    Medical staff


    Dr. Bakytbek Kazybaev is a renowned cardiovascular surgeon affiliated with the Acibadem Kayseri Hospital, Turkey. He is known for expertly performing all sorts of arrhythmia and heart failure surgeries at this hospital. Dr. Bakytbek Kazybaev graduated from the Osh State University and then pursued his specialization from the Kyrgyzstan National Center for Cardiology and Therapy Cardiovascular Surgery. He indeed has complete expertise in his subject, making him one of the most trustworthy and great doctors in his field. Arrhythmia is often labeled as the silent killer of patients because either it presents late, or when it does, it so happens that the patient’s state takes seconds to deteriorate and turn fatal. If not deadly, arrhythmia could give rise to several complications, both within the heart and all over the body, making it difficult for a patient to thrive. Heart failure is yet another critical complication or a disease state in itself which is highly alarming for the patient suffering from it. Heart failure patients, if managed within time, are given a life-long treatment protocol to follow. Failure to comply usually leads to irreversible consequences. Since surgery is usually the last resort of treatment, Dr. Bakytbek Kazybaev always tries to raise awareness among his patients that surgery is not the only solution. The patients need to take even more care after their surgery so that their survival rate remains favorable. Dr. Bakytbek Kazybaev has earned his name through his long list of accomplishments in cardiovascular surgery. He has performed several complicated surgeries in no time and became known as one of the best cardiologists in town.