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    Dr. Baris Gulcu

    Laparoscopic Surgery · Stomach and duodenal diseases

    Medicana Bursa Hospital

    Bursa, Turkey






    Dr. Baris Gulcu is the leading specialist surgeon of Laparoscopic Surgery, Stomach, and duodenal diseases. He is well-regarded as the best surgeon of his specialties in the entire world. He receives greater applause and respect from the doctor community for his professionalism and integrity. He always works honestly and strives hard for the betterment of the patients. Dr. Baris Gulcu has the friendliest nature and always meets with others with a smiling face. He is amiable and easily accessible. He compassionately treats his patients and never compromises on his duties. He has successfully operated on various difficult stomach and duodenal surgeries. Dr. Baris Gulcu graduated in the faculty of medicine from the reputed Trakya University successfully. He has remained an exceptional student during his studies and has earned various distinctions for his studies. He excelled his fellow doctors in multiple subjects that made him distinguished. Dr. Baris Gulcu has also received his house job training and successfully finished it from the same university hospital. He has been given the most challenging environment where he thrived as a competent doctor. He always participated in difficult medical operations and tackled them successfully. After completing his house job training, he worked as a general doctor for years and earned himself a prominent name. His passion for the advancement of his professional career compelled him to acquire higher qualifications. Dr. Baris Gulcu achieved his specialization in Laparoscopic Surgery, Stomach and duodenal diseases. He also received his specialization training from the leading surgeons of the world and has gained more than 21 years of experience in his fields.