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    Dr. Bohyun Kim


    Live Dental Hospital, Gangnam

    Seoul, South Korea




    Dr. Bohyun Kim is an orthodontist currently working in Live Dental Hospital, Gangnam. He completed a master of science in dentistry from the Yonsei University, Graduate School of Dentistry and then did an internship at the Severance Hospital. After completing his graduation, he completed his residency in the department of orthodontics at the Asan Medical Center. Being a dental specialist, Dr. Bohyun Kim identifies, prevents, and treats problems with the teeth and jaw. He corrects existing faults and treats potential future issues. If you have a bad bite, have issues with the contact between teeth (occlusion), or need treatment to straighten teeth, you must consult Dr. Bohyun Kim. He can proficiently help with the following issues: • UNDER-BITE: when the lower jaw extends more than the upper jaw • OVERBITE: when the upper jaw extends too far over the lower jaw • UPPER FRONT TEETH PROTRUSION: Either the upper teeth extend too much, or the lower teeth do not extend far enough • CROWDING: the teeth are unable to erupt due to a lack of space • SPACING: too much space exists between the teeth (or teeth are missing entirely) Dr. Bohyun Kim uses braces, retainers, and bands, as well as other fixed and removable dental devices, to improve the position of teeth in the mouth. You'll most likely go through the following procedures during your first visit with Dr. Bohyun Kim: • An oral examination • Photographs of your smile and face • X-rays of the teeth • 360-degree panoramic X-rays of the face and head After that, he will use the results of these tests to determine how to proceed with your treatment and which orthodontic treatments are ideal for you.