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    Dr. Bok Jun Jeon

    ICL/Artiflec lens implantation surgery

    BGN Eye Clinic Gangnam Kyobo Tower

    Seoul, South Korea


    Foundation year




    Dr. Bok Jun Jeon is an ophthalmologist with medical expertise in ICL and Artiflec lens implantation surgery and is currently a specialist at BGN Eye Clinic Gangnam Kyobo Tower. Dr. Bok Jun Jeon has received specialized training and education in performing the implantation of these types of lenses. ICL and Artiflex lenses are used to correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Dr. Bok Jun Jeon undergoes additional training and certification in the use of these types of lenses. Dr. Bok Jun Jeon also has experience assessing a patient's eligibility for the procedure, performing the implantation surgery itself, and managing any complications that may arise. ICL implantation is an alternative vision correction method for patients with a thin cornea and high myopia or astigmatism, as unlike LASEK or LASIK, the procedure does not require tissue to be removed from the cornea. The artiflex lens is positioned in the anterior chamber in front of the iris. It is made of a foldable silicone material and can be inserted through a small incision. To make the natural aqueous flow possible, it requires a small incision in the iris. Aqua ICL is a new implantable contact lens that offers sharper, clearer, and more vivid vision correction without an incision to the iris. It is placed behind the iris and in front of the natural lens. The placement of the lens makes it invisible to the patient and any observer. There is a hole in the center of the lens that assists the flow of aqueous fluid. The improved aqueous flow greatly reduces the possibility of cataracts caused by the contact between the ICL and the natural lens of the eye.