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Dr. Bulent Degertekin

Pancreas disease · Liver fibrosis

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It is no surprise that our health is mainly dependent on what we eat. Our body’s entire machinery works on all the nutrients incorporated into our diet. If any part of our digestive system is not functioning optimally, our cells start to starve. This starvation leads to a lot of wear and tear in the body. Therefore, it is essential to have a body that has a properly working gastrointestinal system. It becomes crucial to get yourself checked by a good gastroenterologist if you develop any symptoms related to disturbances in the digestive system. Dr. Bulent Degertekin has been a gastroenterologist working at the Acibadem Ankara Hospital for many years. He graduated from the Gazi University Faculty of Medicine and started his specialization in internal medicine and gastroenterology from the same institute. Dr. Bulent Degertekin is an Associate Professor at the Ufuk University Faculty of Medicine. With his years of training experience, he has set standards in his field. He makes sure to treat his patients with respect and offers them the best treatment options to choose from. Dr. Bulent Degertekin has excellent command in treating complex cases and managing such patients. He is known for treating patients with pancreatic disorders and liver fibrosis. These patients come in a critical state, yet they are managed excellently by him. Pancreatic disorders are treated as emergencies, with quick medications to relieve pain. In contrast, patients with liver fibrosis need long-term therapy of drugs and sometimes even surgery to remove the dead tissue so that new cells can regenerate.