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    Dr. Buncha Thiptirapong

    Prostate disease

    Bangkok Hospital Siriroj

    Chang Wat Phuket, Thailand




    Dr. Buncha Thiptirapong is a well-known urologist with specialties in genito-urinary surgery and neurosurgery. Due to his bilingualism (Thai and English), he has no trouble communicating with his patients. Having graduated from the Thai Certified Board of Urological Surgery in 2011, Dr. Buncha Thiptirapong is a well-qualified doctor. His admission to Mahidol University Medical School was highly regarded by his peers (Bangkok, 2003 - M.D.) He focuses on men's and women's urinary tract diseases and also, focuses on his clinical work in the urology department (kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra). Men's reproductive organs are also covered (penis, testes, scrotum, prostate, and so on). To get the best results, Dr. Buncha Thiptirapong employs the most advanced industry equipment and technology. Patients' concerns are taken seriously, and he always answers all questions. When working with other medical team members, Dr. Buncha Thiptirapong is always willing to collaborate and listen to their ideas to achieve better results and increase patient satisfaction levels. He is a professional urologist and the most reviewed doctor by the patients that he is very experienced and punctual. Dr. Buncha Thiptirapong has formed and maintained relationships with patients to put them at ease and gain their trust. He also Consults professionals when necessary, offering patients options for medicine or therapy. A patient's condition is quickly and accurately determined by him in an emergency, allowing them to receive the treatment necessary under controlled conditions rapidly and efficiently. It helps him eliminate inpatient treatment, diagnosis, and medication administration errors because he is extraordinarily detail-oriented.