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    Dr. Byoung Joon Kim

    Varicose veins

    Kim Byoung Joon LEDAS Varicose vein Clinic

    Busan, South Korea


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    Dr. Byoung Joon Kim is a seasoned surgeon who is highly versed in thoracic and cardiovascular surgeries. Currently, acting as the Director of the LEDAS Varicose Vein clinic, in Busan South Korea, Dr. Byoung Joon Kim has dedicated his medical career to treating patients suffering from peripheral vascular disease, especially the varicose veins. To date, Dr. Byoung Joon Kim has successfully performed more than 15,000 varicose surgeries and helped numerous individuals with similar complaints. Dr. Byoung Joon Kim received his early medical education from the prestigious Pusan National University as a Bachelor of Science. He later pursued an M.D and Ph.D. degree from the same institute to further strengthen his academic credentials. Dr. Byoung Joon Kim also initiated his professional medical career at his alma mater Pusan National University, as an intern and later acquired a residency program in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. Dr. Byoung Joon Kim is also affiliated with several internationally renowned associations such as an established member of the Korean Society for Phlebology, a lifetime member of the Korean Society for Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery, etc. He also has the honor of bearing the chair of the Director of the Korean Society for Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery (Busan·Ulsan·Gyeongnam branch). He has also offered his academic services as an Adjunct Professor of Medical School at Pusan National University. Dr. Byoung Joon Kim's contribution to the medical community has been acknowledged by several prominent organizations, such as his selection as the Good Doctor of the Republic of Korea by the MediTimes, and registration in the world's top three biographical dictionaries; Marquis Who's Who.