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Dr. Byung Hoe Lee

Endoscopic Spine Surgery · Non-Surgical Treatment

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Incheon, South Korea






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Bupyeong 5(o)-dong, Incheon, South Korea


Dr. Byung Hoe Lee is a neurosurgeon at Himchan Hospital. His specialties lie in endoscopic spine surgery and non-surgical treatment of spinal disorders. He has vast experience performing professional surgeries and has a high surgery success rate among his colleagues. An endoscopy is a technique wherein your primary care physician utilizes particular instruments to see and work on your body's inside organs and vessels. It permits specialists to see issues inside your body without making huge entry points. Himchan Hospital utilizes innovative hardware and profoundly proficient specialists to focus on their patients. Dr. Nyung Hoe Lee and his specialist team utilize exceptionally prepared, talented, and proficient specialists to offer the best consultancy and treatment guidance for all public and worldwide patients. Dr. Byung Hoe Lee enjoys an acclaimed reputation among the patients due to his highly skilled surgeries. He pays attention to a patient's conditions and provides personalized treatments. He performs accurate endoscopic surgeries for the early diagnosis of diseases so that the patient doesn't have to face any pain later. Dr. Byung Hoe Lee is a dedicated doctor who prioritizes patient health and comfort. He performs follow-up calls for surgeries to prevent any side effects of surgical procedures. He keeps in touch with other specialists in this field to get the best medical opinion for his patients. He develops a trusting relationship with his patients through his excellent communication skills. His patients speak highly of him and feel satisfied after their treatment. As a fellow doctor, Dr. Byung Hoe Lee has a calm personality. He maintains a healthy relationship with his staff. His professional behavior and skillful treatments make him a successful surgeon.