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Dr. Byung Joo Chae

Breast Cancer

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Dr. Byung Joo Chae is an oncologist who graduated from Catholic University Graduate School of Medicine. He did a master's in oncology from Catholic University Graduate School of Medicine and then decided to do a Ph.D. from the same institute. He has vast experience in treating different patients with breast cancer and he is currently working as an oncologist at Samsung Medical Center. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALITY OFFERED BY DR. BYUNG JOO CHAE BREAST CANCER TREATMENT: When the breast cells start to divide abnormally, they form a tumor that is sometimes benign and other times malignant. The benign tumors are not cancerous and don't cause any harm to the human body. On either hand, malignant tumors are cancerous and dangerously affect the body if not treated properly. Following are some common signs and symptoms of breast cancer: · Breast lump · Change in size of the breast · Change in the skin over the breast · Inverted nipple · Redness or rash Breast cancer can occur both in men and women but is more common in women. With the development in technology, the survival rate of breast cancer patients has increased incredibly over the past few years. If detected in the early stages, it can be treated. Dr. Byung Joo Chae thoroughly examines the patient physically and then does some necessary tests to confirm the diagnosis. He is very experienced and skilled in treating breast cancer. He proficiently treats breast cancer patients with the help of medicines, chemotherapy, and other customized medical procedures. So far, he has successfully treated many patients with breast cancer and has given them a new life.