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Dr. Byungseon Lee

Endoscopic Spine Surgery · Spinal Compression Fracture · Discogenic back pain

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Daejeon Sun Hospital

Daejeon, South Korea



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29 Mokjung-ro, Jung-gu, Daejeon


Welcome to Daejeon Sun Hospital, where exceptional care meets expertise. Allow us to introduce you to a true medical luminary, Dr. Byungseon Lee. With a stellar reputation that resonates throughout the hospital corridors, Dr. Lee stands tall as one of our finest physicians, dedicated to your well-being. Specializing in a spectrum of spinal concerns, Dr. Lee's proficiency encompasses spinal disc stenosis, chronic back pain, spinal fractures, osteoporosis, spine endoscopic surgery, and spinal neuroplasty. His vast expertise ensures that you receive the utmost care, tailored to your individual needs. As a cornerstone of Daejeon Sun Hospital's Spine Center, Dr. Lee's commitment is unwavering. His affiliation with the prestigious Chungbuk National University College of Medicine underscores his academic rigor and dedication to advancing medical knowledge. Moreover, his distinguished position as a lifetime member of the Korean Society of Spinal Neurosurgery exemplifies his standing in the medical community. Choosing Dr. Lee means choosing excellence, experience, and empathy. With a patient-centric approach, he not only heals ailments but also uplifts spirits. Your journey to a healthier, pain-free life begins under the expert guidance of Dr. Byungseon Lee. Experience top-tier medical care that embodies compassion and proficiency at Daejeon Sun Hospital. Trust your spine health to a true pioneer. Trust Dr. Byungseon Lee. Your well-being, our priority.