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Dr. Carmen Cabre Menendez

Renal hypertension · Chronic kidney disease

19 Yrs

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Vithas Hospital Nuestra Senora de America

Comunidad de Madrid, Spain





Contact Information

C. de Arturo Soria, 103, 105, 28043 Madrid, Spain


Dr. Carmen Cabre Menendez is a well-trained nephrologist at Vithas Hospital Nuestra Senora de America, has 17 years of experience in this field. She is an expert in nephrology, arterial hypertension, and cardiovascular risk. She has always been interested in the different aspects related to arterial hypertension, glomerular and systemic diseases, as well as the continuous advances in the different renal purification techniques to be able to offer people the therapies that best suit their personality and lifestyle. Dr. Carmen Cabre Menendez completed a degree in medicine and surgery at the Central University of Barcelona, and she became a specialist in nephrology from the MIR Exam. Also, she gained his Specialty of Nephrology at the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona. Dr. Carmen Cabre moved to the Tarragona University Hospital, where she could develop her skills in the care of nephrological patients. She collaborates with other specialists for the comprehensive care of patients in outpatient consultations for clinical nephrology, advanced chronic kidney disease, and kidney transplantation, and at the same time, she has assisted patients on hemodialysis, both in the Hospital and in the Concerted External Center.