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    Dr. Cayetano Dominguez Ruiz

    Retinal disease · Cataract

    Vithas Hospital Parque San Antonio

    Andalucía, Spain






    Dr. Cayetano Dominguez Ruiz is a competent specialist in Retinal disease and Cataract. He works with professionalism and integrity. He is considered an authority in his fields of interest, for he has vast experience and diverse knowledge. He has worked with various leading national and international hospitals and made himself a good reputation. Dr. Cayetano Dominguez Ruiz has an amiable nature and deals with his patients in the best possible manner. He deals with everyone amiably. He always provides the best environment to his patients and offers them secrecy and a sense of security. He has treated thousands of Retinal disease and Cataract patients successfully. He delivers his remarkable services in the famous Vithas Hospital Parque San Antonio. Dr. Cayetano Dominguez Ruiz has graduated from medicine and surgery from the prestigious University of Malaga. During his graduate studies, he was an exceptional student and received various awards and accolades for his educational excellence. He has also attended his house job training in the most challenging environment, where he turned his theoretical knowledge into practical medical skills. He finished his house job training with flying colors. After completing his training, Dr. Cayetano Dominguez Ruiz worked as a general physician for some time. He then wanted to enhance his professional qualification and pursued higher degrees. He earned his specialization degree in ophthalmology from the renowned HRU Carlos Haya. He also received advanced training in Retinal disease and Cataract. Over his professional career, Dr. Cayetano Dominguez Ruiz has earned a good reputation for his quality of services.