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Dr. Cazip Ustun

Hysterectomy · Gynecologic cancers

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Medicana International Samsun Hospital

Samsun, Turkey





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Yenimahalle, Şht. Mesut Birinci Cd. No:85, 55080 Canik/Samsun, Turkey


Dr. Cazip Ustun is a competent doctor of Hysterectomy and Gynecologic cancers. He currently works at Medicana International Samsun Hospital. He takes great care in his patient treatments as he provides the cure for Gynecologic cancers and Hysterectomy. He is known for expertise in his specialties in the entire world. Dr. Cazip Ustun is a well-qualified doctor. His qualification makes him distinguished and speaks volumes of his professionalism. He studied at Ondokuz Mayis University Faculty of Medicine and earned a graduate degree from there. Dr. Cazip Ustun also completed his residency training from Ondokuz Mayis University Faculty of Medicine successfully. He tackled every challenging case during his training that helped him emerge as a brilliant physician. He also sought to work with the best hospitals to gain quality experience over the years. After his graduate studies, he pursued specialization in Hysterectomy and Gynecologic cancers. He extensively worked to excel in his area of specialization. Dr. Cazip Ustun offered his services in the most prestigious medical institutions and national and international hospitals upon achieving his specialization degree. He always worked with impartiality and honesty. He is respected for his professionalism, integrity, and medical ethics, which are his guiding principles. Following his professional career, he achieved the immense experience of 30 years in his field. His vast experience made him a remarkable doctor who is considered an authority in his field. Dr. Cazip Ustun always strives to provide sophisticated treatment to his patients and never compromises on the health of his patients. He believes that a doctor must serve his patients with honesty and dedication.