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Dr. Changhee Yoo

Urinary Stone Disease (USD) · Urological cancer · Prostate cancer


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Pyeongtaek St. Mary's Hospital

Gyeonggi-do, South Korea



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284 Pyeongtaek-ro Pyeongtaek Gyeonggi-do South Korea


Introducing Dr. Changhee Yoo: Leading the Way in Urological Excellence Are you seeking world-class care and expertise in the field of urology? Look no further than Dr. Changhee Yoo, a distinguished specialist at Pyeongtaek St. Mary's Hospital. Dr. Yoo's exceptional credentials and extensive experience make him the ideal choice for all your urological needs. Specialized Medical Field: Dr. Changhee Yoo is a true luminary in the field of urology, with a comprehensive focus on: Laparoscopy Center Director: Pioneering minimally invasive techniques for faster recoveries. Urinary Oncology: Leading the battle against urinary tract cancers with cutting-edge treatments. Pediatric Urology: Caring for the youngest patients with unmatched compassion and expertise. Endurinary Tract Stones: Expertise in stone management for improved urinary health. Prostate Health: Offering state-of-the-art solutions for prostate concerns. Female Urinary Disorders: Tailoring treatments for women's unique urological needs. Urinary Incontinence: Restoring confidence and quality of life with specialized care. Education and Biography: Dr. Yoo's journey to excellence includes a remarkable educational background: Bachelor of Medicine from Yonsei University College of Medicine. Master's degree from Ulsan University Graduate School of Medicine. Doctorate from the Graduate School of Medicine, University of Ulsan. Internship at Seoul Asan Hospital. Urology residency at Asan Medical Center, Seoul. Assistant Professorship at Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital. Leadership and Recognition: Dr. Changhee Yoo is not just a leading practitioner but also an influential figure in the urological community. His accomplishments include: Current Director of the Korean Society of Pediatric Urology, reflecting his dedication to advancing pediatric urology. Current Director of the Korean Prostate Society, shaping the future of prostate healthcare. Currently serving as Secretary of the External Cooperation Committee of the Korean Society of Urology, promoting collaboration and innovation. Recipient of the 2014 Korean Urological Oncology Society Outstanding Presentation Award, showcasing his contributions to cancer research. Awarded the 2012 Best Paper Award in the Clinical Category by the Korean Society of Urology, highlighting his expertise in clinical practice. Honored with the 2009 Urological Oncology Society Contest Paper Grand Prize, a testament to his groundbreaking research. Dr. Changhee Yoo is not just a urologist; he's a trailblazer in the field, committed to delivering the highest standards of care and staying at the forefront of medical advancements. Choose excellence, choose Dr. Yoo, and embark on a journey to optimal urological health.