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Dr. Chang-woo Joo

IVF with frozen embryos

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Seoul, South Korea






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20 Cheonho-daero Dongdaemun-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Chang-woo Joo is a respectable and well-known infertility specialist in Korea. He is highly skilled in his field, and people from different cities of Korea come to him for an appointment. He has vast experience in mastering various infertility treatments and procedures. Dr. Chang-woo Joo graduated from the Seoul National University College of Medicine, after which he completed his internship at the Seoul National Hospital. He further applied for residency in the same hospital and got admitted. He is an excellent infertility specialist who has a vast knowledge of effective treatments. Dr. Chang-woo Joo's primary area of expertise is treating infertility with IVF via the frozen embryos method. The frozen embryo method of fertilization is asserted to be 10% more likely to result in a live birth. The procedure involves the transfer of a cryopreserved embryo to the uterus. This embryo is conceived after the completion of a full IVF cycle. It is thawed before transferring. Patients regard Dr. Chang-woo Joo highly as he is very skilled at what he does. Dr. Chang-woo Joo is very soft-spoken and professional. The well-being of his patients and their confidentiality are his top priorities. The patient's health is in good hands when they visit this doctor, as he is highly skilled and has the best medical team at his disposal. Dr. Chang-woo Joo is very good at establishing rapport with his patients. Infertility is not easy to cope with, but his extremely appreciable empathy and kind words work like magic on his patients. Without giving any false hopes, Dr. Chang-woo Joo instills hope in his patients for better mental health.