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Dr. Chema Raboudi

Allergen-specific immunotherapy · Lung Cancer

26 Yrs

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Jasmine Polyclinic

Tunis, Tunisia





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Centre Urbain Nord 1003 Tunis, Tunisia


Dr. Chema Raboudi is a pulmonologist with a PhD in medicine, a diploma of medical specialist in pneumology, a diploma in bronchial endoscopy, expertise in allergology, and training in sleep disorders. Dr. Chema Raboudi is currently one of the top consultants at Jasmine Polyclinic. She not only has an impressive academic record, but she also has a solid track record of over 24 years in her profession. Dr. Chema Raboudi specialises in pneumo-allergology, functional respiratory and allergological disorders, sleep-related respiratory disorders, smoking detoxification, bronchial fibroscopy, and lung cancer treatment.