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Dr. Chiho Song


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Daejeon Sun Hospital

Daejeon, South Korea



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29 Mokjung-ro, Jung-gu, Daejeon


Welcome to the world of exceptional healthcare guided by the expertise of Dr. Chiho Song, a distinguished medical professional making strides at Daejeon Sun Hospital. With a reputation that gleams as bright as his achievements, Dr. Song stands as one of the hospital's premier physicians, offering patients a level of care that is truly second to none. With a profound focus on Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT Readings, Dr. Chiho Song possesses a mastery that is unmatched in its precision and thoroughness. He brings his remarkable talents to the forefront as the Director of the Department of Radiology at Mokpo Christian Hospital, a role that highlights his exceptional leadership and commitment to cutting-edge medical practices. Notably, his remarkable journey also includes a significant contribution as a Specialist in the Department of Radiology at Eulji University Hospital. Dr. Song's academic foundation is equally noteworthy, having graduated from the prestigious Chung-Ang University Medical College. This esteemed institution has nurtured his passion for medical excellence and provided him with a solid base on which he continues to build his exceptional career. Patients who seek the care of Dr. Song can rest assured that they are entrusting their health to a physician whose reputation speaks volumes. His commitment to delivering the highest quality medical care is evident in every step of his journey. So, whether you're in need of advanced diagnostic insights or compassionate guidance through your medical concerns, Dr. Chiho Song is ready to be your partner on the path to wellness.