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    Dr. Choonghyun Jang

    Square jaw+Front Chin+Cheekbones · Rhinoplasty

    IVY Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


    Foundation year




    Prof. Dr. Choonghyun Jang serves as a plastic surgeon specialist at the IVY Plastic Surgery Clinic. He is dedicated to his profession and has received positive reviews for his facial surgeries. A balanced jawline can also boost an individual’s confidence. Prof. Dr. Choonghyun Jang accurately diagnoses the facial proportions and maintains a harmonious angle with the face rather than recklessly shaving the chin too much. Prof. Dr. Choonghyun Jang is a member of the Korean Society of Plastic Surgery, the Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Korean Society of Hand Surgery, the Korean Society of Microsurgery, and the Korean Society of Hand Reconstructive Surgery.