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    Dr. Christian Breymann

    Gynecological surgery · Fetal deformity

    37 Yrs

    Klinik Im Park

    Zürich, Switzerland


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    Have you ever considered a particular pregnancy test that determines the abnormalities in the baby? The physician recommends the test for the standard care of the baby, testifying any syndrome diagnosis earlier and deciding that the prenatal screening is regular. The women need to look for a doctor with extensive experience and knowledge in fetal deformity and gynecological surgery, especially for high-risk pregnancies. It is undoubtedly comforting to have the eyes of someone experienced in the pregnancy progress. Spending extra money and time is necessary for a complicated pregnancy. Such specialists are trained to manage the health of the baby and mother for a safer and healthier delivery. With 36 years of working experience, Dr. Christian Breymann has the most significant degree of security, competence, and safety to preserve the self-esteem of sick patients. Dr. Christian Breymann is experienced in taking care and advising the parents' planned pregnancies. His concern is to follow up the holistic approach in the best way and consider all the necessary risks associated with the pregnancy. Dr. Christian Breymann offers extensive care to pregnant women who benefit from his years of practice. Every patient of Dr. Christian Breymann trusts his experience and empathy. He got Human Medicine, Preclinical practice from 1981 to 1984 from the University of Italy, Chieti, and Verona. Later on, he passed the diploma of Gynecology and was appointed as a Titular Professor of the University of Zurich in Gynecology, Obstetrics, and Perinatal Medicine. Currently, he is serving as a Co-Leader of Zentrum GCS in Zurich. He is also a Director of Perinatal Institute in Zurich and is registered as a medical and scientific Doctor. Being an exceptionally rated specialist, Dr. Christian Breymann always offers pregnancy counselling and genetic testing in a calm, supportive and professional environment.