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Dr. Christopher Reithmann

Arrhythmia · Heart valve disease

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Bayern, Germany








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Steinerweg 5, 81241 München, Germany


Dr. Christopher Reithmann is an expert cardiologist working at the Helios Hospital Munchen West, Germany. He has been famous for treating some of the prevalent heart-related conditions in his patients successfully. Dr. Christopher Reithmann graduated from LMU University, Germany, and acquired his doctorate from the same university. He has remained affiliated with this field for a long time now and has shown remarkable skills and professionalism in this field. In any society, cardiology stands out as one of the most sought-after and vital fields. The reason for this is the significant mortality and morbidity that cardiovascular diseases cause among people. Therefore, it is crucial to deal with these diseases with complete professionalism and skilled expertise so that a prompt diagnosis could help save the patient's life. Dr. Chistopher Reithmann mainly deals with patients suffering from arrhythmias and valvular heart diseases. Both these diseases occupy a significant burden of illness in cardiology and need immediate interventions to stop complications in a patient. Dr. Christopher Reithmann does not believe in treating the patients repeatedly with the same treatment strategies that cardiologists used decades ago. Instead, he believes in changing and advancing them as per the changing needs of the patients. Therefore, he keeps on bringing enhancements and advancements in his treatment protocols according to the latest guidelines. Patients who visit Dr. Christopher Reithmann understand that they have come to the right place because such an excellent and skilled doctor could easily be relied upon to prescribe the proper treatment and medications to their patients.