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    Dr. Chulmin Bae

    Dental Implants · Aesthetic Dentistry

    Oaks Dental Clinic




    It is no secret that smiling has numerous health benefits for both the mind and the body. We cannot, however, deny that not everyone is born with a perfect smile, which makes people conscious of showing genuine smiles as they grow. We are fortunate to have individuals such as Dr. Chulmin Bae, a graduate of Korea's top university, Seoul National University. He dedicated years of study and continued to expand his knowledge through ongoing research and studies in Finland and Germany to provide each individual with a life-changing experience by providing them with a perfect smile. He seeks natural beauty by truly caring for patients in accordance with our nature-philosophy. As a result, he founded the Oaks Dental Clinic, one of the best dental clinics in Asia and the number one in Korea. Dr. Chulmin Bae is just one of the few dentists who can expertly handle the most advanced technologies and perform a variety of procedures (from teeth to gums to bone structure). He is a world-renowned dentist who uses dental surgical microscopes. Despite his busy schedule running the Oaks Dental Clinic and making a monthly trip to China with his team (to serve those in need of dental care), he also teaches dentists from all over the world in training meetings and seminars he holds in Korea and Japan. With his remarkable work, Dr. Chulmin Bae has attained the world's highest level of dental training and speaks English fluently, avoiding language barriers with his foreign clients from around the world.