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    Dr. Chun-Sung Kang

    Rhinoplasty · Eye Surgery

    DAMIIN Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea




    Dr. Chun-Sung Kang is the representative director of the DAMIIN Plastic Surgery Clinic with years of abundant experience. He specializes in different areas of plastic surgery, such as but not limited to natural and beautiful double-eyelids, a charming and pretty nose, a confident look, and a slim and beautiful body line. Dr. Chun-Sung Kang has not only rich experience and knowledge in his craft but is also known for treating his patients like family. In addition, he can correct failed eye and nose surgeries to ensure his clients enjoy life fully and are happy with the results of the surgeries. Dr. Chun-Sung Kang belongs to the following clinical groups: • Regular member of the Korean Society of Plastic Surgery • Regular member of Korean Hand Reconstructive Surgery • Regular member of Korean Head and Neck Society • Regular member of the Korean Society for Deformity Research • Regular member of the Society for Microbiology • Full member of Asia Pacific Plastic Surgery • Regular member of the Korean Academy of Beauty • Regular member of the Korea-Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery • Chief Physician, Mujing Clinic, Dalian, China • China Jinan Hanmi Plastic Surgery Chief Physician