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Dr. Daniel Cabezali Barbancho

Hypospadias · Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR)

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Vithas Hospital Pardo de Aravaca

Comunidad de Madrid, Spain





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Calle de la Salle, 12, 28023 Madrid, Spain


Dr. Daniel Cabezali Barbancho is the expert specialist of Hypospadias and Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR). He has acquired rich experience in his specialties and is revered for his deep learning about his medical fields. He always strives hard to take his professional competencies to the next level. That is why he engages in various research studies and has achieved multiple distinctive professional certificates in his field of interest. Dr. Daniel Cabezali Barbancho is also known for his passion and dedication for his services and duties. He never compromises his services and treats his patients in the best possible manner. He has administered successful treatment to thousands of patients with Hypospadias and Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR). He provides them with a confidential environment and addresses their medical problems in the best way. Currently, he offers his best services in the renowned Vithas Hospital Pardo de Aravaca. Dr. Daniel Cabezali Barbancho graduated from the faculty of medicine from the renowned University of Madrid. He got his graduate degree in medicine and surgery successfully. He also received various accolades for his educational prowess. He attained his house job training in the same university hospital where he thrived as a competent doctor in a challenging environment. He learned new medical skills and polished them with dedication and hard work. Dr. Daniel Cabezali Barbancho also earned a specialization degree in Hypospadias and Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR) and received advanced training in his fields of interest. He is also a fellow member of the prestigious European Academy of Pediatric Urology by the Joint Committee on Pediatric Urology (JCPU). Moreover, he has received his residency from the renowned 12 de Octubre Hospital. Over the years, he has worked with multiple hospitals and gained extensive experience.