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    Dr. Dmitriy Gorbunov

    Single Ventricle Defects Surgery · Congenital Heart Diseases

    National Research Cardiac Surgery Center


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    Dr. Dmitriy Gorbunov is a specialist who works at National Research Cardiac Surgery Center. He specializes in treating congenital diseases and Single Ventricle Defects Surgery. He exhibits high expertise and has performed many successful surgeries on his patients. His professional approach, combined with the responsibility factor, makes him very good at his job. Congenital heart disease is a general term for many congenital disabilities that affect the normal way the heart works. A single ventricle defect is a heart defect that a child is born with. It occurs when one of the two pumping chambers in the heart isn’t large enough or strong enough to work correctly. National Research Cardiac Surgery Center has a specialist team equipped with the latest and most advanced technology to help give effective treatment to their patients. Dr. Dmitriy Gorbunov is a part of that specialist team and gives his best to diagnose and provide reliable treatment. Dr. Dmitriy Gorbunov graduated from Albert Ludwig University and has extensive research into advanced methods and equipment. He provides pre- and post-operative services to his patients, and he performs all the diagnostic procedures himself and then provides the best possible solution. He is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment that allows for accurate diagnosis of diseases and helps to provide the best care to patients. He is part of a wide network to keep himself in touch with other specialists. Dr. Dmitriy Gorbunov is a dedicated professional whose medical care is based on respect for the comfort of each patient and high professionalism, providing quality, safety, and convenience for patients and visitors.