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Dr. Dmytro Sheshukov


Vitality Medical & Research Center



Contact Information

Spaska St, 39, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000


Dr. Dmytro Sheshukov is a well-known and successful orthodontist. His accomplishment in the field of dentistry is innumerable as he has extensively worked on multiple pieces of research. These researches have been cited globally. He provides his efficient services at Vitality Medical & Research Center. He is an expert orthodontist and has a thorough command of his field of expertise. QUALIFICATION OF DR DMYTRO SHESHUKOV Dr. Dmytro Sheshukov earned his education from Ukrainian Medical Stemmatological Academy, dental department, in 2009. He later completed his Master from Ukrainian Medical Stemmatological Academy, specialty in Orthodontics, in 2011. He has written numerous research articles in his field of specialty. Furthermore, Dr. Dmytro Sheshukov has participated in many medical and conferences to educate regarding the importance of teeth health in the nation. GREAT WORKING EXPERIENCE OF DR DMYTRO SHESHUKOV Dr. Dmytro Sheshukov has extensive experience in treating patients successfully. He is professionally skilled in the installation of fixed and removable dentures and pediatric dentistry (orthodontics). He has a total of 12 years of experience in dentistry. He has practiced as Chief Doctor, which has landed him with considerate and ample experience in Orthodontics. The expertise of Dr. Dmytro Sheshukov is broad due to his continued work in the field of education. His patients receive a contemporary treatment due to his connection with the upgraded versions of treatments and medicines. Furthermore, he treats both local and international patients in Ukraine, which lands him one of the approachable and foreign patients’ friendly doctors in Ukraine. Dr. Dmytro Sheshukov core method of treatments contains a thorough examination of patient’s health before and after surgeries for the success of the treatment.