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    Dr. Dong Hun Lee

    Artificial Insemination · IVF with frozen embryos

    Daejeon Maria Fertility Hospital

    Daejeon, South Korea


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    One of the many reasons artificial inseminations is among the rapidly growing medical fields is the rapidly growing infertility rates. Research proves that 186 million individuals and between 48.5 million couples worldwide face infertility. Among 20-30% of such couples, males are proven to be responsible for infertility. Common reasons for these increasing infertility cases are alcohol consumption, smoking tobacco, and obesity. At the same time, most women have infertility due to being underweight or obese, having hormone issues, or endometriosis. Whatever the reason be, infertility has become a common problem worldwide. Medical science has developed ways to inject sperm into the uterus technically and scientifically to solve these cases. However, a matter with so much technicality cannot be handed over to anyone; it should be handled by an experienced professional like Dr. Dong Hun Lee. Dr. Dong Hun Lee is a well-rated obstetrician and a gynecologist at Daejeon Maria Fertility Hospital in South Korea. It is located in Seoul and ranks among the top 3 fertility centers of the world. He is one of the brilliant gynecologists at Daejeon who specializes in artificial insemination and IVF (with frozen embryos). Dr. Dong Hun Lee is a graduate of the prestigious Seoul National University Hospital with a major in Obstetrics and gynecology. As a fertility specialist, he manages, carries out, and prescribes different fertility tests regarding IVF. He also carries out fertility treatments such as ovulation cycle tracking, ovulation induction, artificial insemination, fertility surgery, and preservation.