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Dr. Mehmet Resat Ayalp

Arterial stiffness · Coronary Angiography · Hyperlipidemia (hypercholesteremia) · Heart disease

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Deva Hospital

Gaziantep, Turkey





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No:98 Tufekci Yusuf Bulvarı Bekirbey Sahinbey Gaziantep Turkey


Meet Dr. Mehmet Resat Ayalp – Your Trusted Cardiologist Are you seeking top-notch cardiac care? Look no further than Dr. Mehmet Resat Ayalp, a distinguished cardiologist with a passion for your heart's well-being. His extensive medical expertise and commitment to patient care make him your ideal partner on your journey to a healthy heart. Dr. Ayalp earned his medical degree from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, solidifying his foundation in the art and science of healing. With years of experience and relentless dedication to his field, he is your beacon of hope when it comes to cardiovascular health. Dr. Ayalp's specialized knowledge and skills revolve around a range of critical cardiac conditions, ensuring that you receive the best care possible: Dr. Ayalp is a leading expert in diagnosing and managing CAD, a condition that affects millions worldwide. Trust him to safeguard your heart's arteries and preserve your vitality. When your arteries need a helping hand, Dr. Ayalp is here to perform coronary angioplasty – a procedure that restores blood flow to your heart, allowing you to breathe easy and live fully. Don't let heart failure hold you back. Dr. Ayalp's compassionate care and advanced treatments can help you regain your strength and vitality. Irregular heart rhythms can be frightening, but Dr. Ayalp's expertise in managing arrhythmias ensures that your heart beats to a harmonious tune once again. High blood pressure is a silent threat to your heart's health. Dr. Ayalp's vigilant monitoring and tailored treatment plans will help you keep your blood pressure in check, reducing your risk of heart-related complications. Your heart deserves the very best care, and Dr. Mehmet Resat Ayalp is here to provide it. Experience compassionate, expert cardiology that prioritizes your well-being. Book your appointment today and take the first step towards a heart-healthy future with Dr. Ayalp – your trusted guardian of cardiovascular wellness.