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Dr. Park Su-wan

Rhinoplasty · PRP Micro Fat Graft · Canthoplasty

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Designer Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea



Contact Information

806 Seolleung-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Park Su-wan is currently the director and registered Plastic Surgeon in Designer Plastic Surgery. He is an Intern at Korea University Hospital. Korea University Hospital Plastic Surgery Outpatient Professor. Dr. Park Su-wan is also a regular member of several organizations such as: - Korean Society of Plastic Surgery - Korean Academy of Cranofacial Plastic Surgery - Korean Society of Hands - Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - Korean Society of Microsurgery - International Society of Plastic Surgery Dr. Park Su-wan once said " With the heart of a designer who creates beauty. From the moment you visit the designer plastic surgery clinic, we will always be with you for your beauty until the day you get a satisfactory surgical result."