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Dr. Edelmiro Iglesias Martinez

Benign Breast Disease

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Vithas Hospital Montserrat

Catalunya, Spain





Contact Information

Carrer Bisbe Torres, 13, 25002 Lleida, Spain


Dr. Edelmiro Iglesias Martinez is one of the best professors in general surgery at Vithas Hospital Montserrat, has rich experience in breast pathology. Also, he is co-director of the master's in breast pathology at the University of Barcelona. The doctor is a professional in his field, makes an accurate diagnosis, and very well explains the details of the cause of the disease. Answering all the patient's questions, he always motivates them to recover. He is an expert in breast cancer, benign breast tumors, breast reconstruction, and mammography. Dr. Edelmiro Iglesias Martinez is known to be highly qualified and gained a degree from reputed educational institutes. He is a qualified surgery specialist and master in senology and breast pathology. Thanks to his talent and experience, he became a professor of surgery and a professor of the Master of Sinology at the University of Barcelona. In addition to his work, he is the author of more than 100 articles and communications in scientific journals and conferences. He is also a member of various medical societies, among which he stands out as the coordinator of the Accreditation Committee of the Breast Unit of the Spanish Society of Senology and Breast Pathology (SESPM) and Vice President of this same society.