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Dr. Emel Ozatkan Dogan

Interventional radiology

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Medicana Haznedar Hospital

Istanbul, Türkiye





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Dr. Emel Ozatkan Dogan is a trained Radiology Specialist based in Turkey. Currently, she is offering her services at the reputable Medicana Haznedar Hospital. Dr. Emel Ozatkan Dogan practices the following treatment methods effectively: • Tomography • EMG • Mammography • Lung X-ray • Color Doppler • 4D Ultrasound • Doppler Ultrasound • Thorax CT • Hip Ultrasound in Babies • NLS. Interventional radiology is her specialty. The conditions that Dr. Emel Ozatkan Dogan addresses are breast cancer, Lung Diseases, Mycosis fungoides, Thrush in Babies, Internal Varicose, and many more. Dr. Emel Ozatkan Dogan received her initial medical education from the Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine in 2000. It is one of the most high-standing and renowned institutes in Turkey. It has produced many competent doctors over the years, Dr. Emel Ozatkan Dogan being one of them. Then in 2010, Dr. Emel Ozatkan Dogan graduated from Dr. Siyami Ersek Training and Research Hospital, a sought-after facility. From there, she received her specialization training in Radiology. Dr. Emel Ozatkan Dogan’s skill and competence do not only take root from her excellent educational background but also from having experienced different workplaces. For many years, i.e., from 2003 to 2018, she worked at Private Vital Hospital and honed her skills. Then she joined Medicana Haznedar Hospital, where she is working to date. Her peers and colleagues regard her as honest and reliable. Dr. Emel Ozatkan Dogan works her hardest to make sure her patients receive the best care. The patients in her care view her as friendly, understanding, and competent.