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Dr. Emin Engin Ovalioglu


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VM Medical Park Bursa Hospital

Bursa, Turkey






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Kırcaali, Fevzi Çakmak Cd. No:76, 16220 Osmangazi/Bursa, Turkey


Dr. Emin Engin Ovalioglu is among the most professional and knowledgeable general surgeons in the country. He currently serves at a hospital in Bursa. His areas of interest include the following surgical diversifications: a. Endocrine surgery b. Stomach surgery c. Hernia surgery d. Hemorrhoids e. Breast surgery f. Thyroids Dr. Emin Engin Ovalioglu completed his medical degree from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 1987. He further completed his surgical specialization in 1992 from Ankara Numune Hospital General. Owing to his vast knowledge, medical courses, and certifications, Dr. Emin Engin Ovalioglu started his career as a specialist in 1995 at Ankara Demetevler Oncology Hospital. Dr. Emin Engin Ovalioglu has also served at Florida Cleveland Clinic in the USA. He has also participated in a renowned surgical study, “Traditional Surgical Care Research Study," in 1998. From 1998 to 2019, he served at the Ali Osman Sonmez Oncology Hospital in Bursa. After that, he has been a consistent part of the specialist faculty at the VM Medical Park Bursa Hospital. Due to his evident professionalism and medical diligence, Dr. Emin Engin Ovalioglu holds the membership of the following esteemed national associations of Turkey: 1. Laparoscopic Surgery Association 2. Colorectal Surgery Association 3. National Breast Surgery Association of Turkey 4. National Surgery Association of Turkey Some of the conditions for which you can book Dr. Emin Engin Ovalioglu’s appointment are: · Pancreatic Head Cancer · Chronic Pancreatitis · Inguinal Hernia (groin centered) · Cholecystitis (Inflammation of the gallbladder) · Crohn’s Disease or Severe Diverticulitis · Colon Cancer · Bowel Diseases · Gallstones causing pain or infection · Complicated Acute Appendicitis