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    Dr. Emre Ozgu

    High-risk pregnancies · Gynecologic cancers

    Acibadem Ankara Hospital

    Ankara, Turkey


    Foundation year






    Medical staff


    Many women take their health for granted, making their condition go from bad to worse. Therefore, women suffering from any gynecological issue must consult a gynecologist as soon as possible so that their condition does not get a chance to progress. Dr. Emre Ozgu is a great gynecologist working at the Acibadem Ankara Hospital who is extremely professional in treating his patients. His efforts in making his patients comfortable make them feel at ease, which greatly helps them give a good history for their diagnosis. He is one of the best gynecologists at the Acibadem Ankara Hospital and is known for handling high-risk pregnancies and gynecological cancers. Dr. Emre Ozgu completed his basic medical education from the Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine and his residency training in gynecology and obstetrics from the Dr. Zekai Tahir Burak Gynecology Training and Research Hospital. Patients with gynecologic cancer present with very vague symptoms; therefore, Dr. Emre Ozgu makes sure to properly investigate by asking all the relevant questions and performing all the necessary examinations to reach a diagnosis. His treatment and management plan changes for every individual, as he chooses what could benefit his patient the most. He is also well-experienced at handling pregnancies in which many co-morbid conditions surround the mothers. After careful examination, he decides on the best management plan to benefit both the mother and the baby. With his expert hands and years of experience, Dr. Emre Ozgu has treated hundreds and thousands of patients.