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    Dr. Eon Rok Do

    Botox · Anti-aging

    1mm Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


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    Dr. Eon Rok Do is a board-certified plastic surgeon and director at 1mm Plastic Surgery Clinic. His top medical specialties are eye surgery, rhinoplasty, body surgery (lipoplasty, mammoplasty, abdominoplasty, etc.), Botox, and anti-aging treatment. Anti-aging medicines are explicitly intended to diminish the presence of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. These medicines are usually used on parts of the body that are generally helpless to the indications of maturing. Every choice accompanies specific dangers, so patients should have an intensive conversation with their skin health management before going through therapy. Before performing surgery, Dr. Eon Rok Do considers all of the patient’s physical factors and discusses them thoroughly. Dr. Eon Rok Do has been recognized by the affiliation regarding his specialized abilities. Through the aggregated know-hows and information from academic research, locally and global scholarly exercises, and activity cases, he attempts to apply the best plan and careful strategies for every individual to have good natural outcomes and offsets with your features. Dr. Eon Rok Do is the best Korean plastic surgeon in Asia with vast experience and skilled surgical methods. He strives to provide the best results for customer satisfaction with minimum error. Post-surgery, he pays complete attention to any after-effects of surgery and remains on-call in an emergency. All of his patients feel self-confidence and satisfaction after plastic surgery procedures. As the director of 1mm Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr. Eon Rok Do works to take care of all the other doctors and nurses. He maintains a cooperative environment for everyone and deals professionally with all his staff.