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Dr. Erol Ortac

Autism · General Pediatrics

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Private Unye Cakirtepe Hospital

Ordu, Turkiye



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43 Tepeyolu Sokak Fevzi Cakmak Unye Ordu Turkiye


As a pediatrician, Dr. Ortac is passionate about providing comprehensive medical care to infants, children, and adolescents. He specializes in the unique needs and development of young patients, offering a wide range of medical services tailored to their specific requirements. Dr. Ortac believes in the importance of preventive care and regular check-ups to ensure the overall health and development of children. From routine vaccinations to growth tracking, he emphasizes early detection and intervention of any potential health concerns. By closely monitoring milestones and addressing issues promptly, Dr. Ortac aims to support children in reaching their full potential. In addition to general pediatric care, Dr. Erol Ortac also provides specialized services such as newborn care, well-child visits, immunizations, acute illness management, chronic disease management, and developmental screenings. He works closely with parents and guardians to address any questions or concerns they may have, promoting open communication and active involvement in their child's healthcare journey. Dr. Ortac understands the importance of creating a nurturing and comfortable environment for children and their families. He strives to make each visit as pleasant and reassuring as possible, establishing trust and rapport with his young patients. With his gentle approach and friendly demeanor, Dr. Ortac helps alleviate anxiety and builds positive experiences with healthcare. Furthermore, Dr. Erol Ortac keeps up with the latest advancements and research in pediatric medicine to ensure he provides the best care possible. He stays informed about new treatment options, guidelines, and evidence-based practices, incorporating them into his approach to benefit his young patients. If you're seeking a compassionate pediatrician who values the well-being of children and strives to provide exceptional care, Dr. Erol Ortac is here to help. With his expertise and dedication to promoting the health and happiness of young patients, you can trust that your child will receive the highest quality medical attention.