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    Dr. Ersin Ozaslan

    Colorectal Cancer · Breast Cancer

    Acibadem Kayseri Hospital

    Kayseri, Turkey


    Foundation year






    Medical staff


    Dr. Ersin Ozaslan is a renowned surgical oncologist working at the Acibadem Kayseri Hospital, Turkey. He pursued his early medical education from Istanbul University and then went to Erciyes University for his further specialization. Nowadays, Dr. Ersin Ozaslan is known for performing surgeries on breast and colorectal patients. Both these conditions pose substantial risks for the health and survival rate of a patient. Breast cancer and colorectal cancers are among those cancers linked with higher mortality rates than any other type of cancer alone. Breast cancer and colorectal cancer both are diagnosed relatively late in the progression of the disease, and when they are diagnosed, usually the disease has progressed beyond control. Seeing the increasing trend of both these diseases in terms of incidence and frequency, Dr. Ersin Ozaslan takes special care when treating his patients so that they do not face any excess treatments or unlikely tests that are bound to complicate things more for them. Dr. Ersin Ozaslan has updated his knowledge according to the latest cancer guidelines. He makes sure that he evaluates and diagnoses patients according to these guidelines, which makes treating these patients a lot easier. Although Dr. Ersin Ozaslan is aware that most of the patients presented to him are at an alarming stage of their disease, he still makes sure that he gives the right advice to his patients and counsels them in such a way that they are motivated to fight their disease off. Undoubtedly, this empathetic behavior makes him stand out from everyone else.