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    Dr. Ertugrul Uzar

    Acute Clinical Intervention

    VM Medical Park Bursa Hospital

    Bursa, Turkey


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    Dr. Ertugrul Uzar is a renowned brain and nerve diseases specialist in Turkey. He currently serves at VM Medical Park Bursa Hospital. He is a well-known name among his patients as he attentively listens to their issues and attempts to solve them as much as possible. He is fluent in English as a foreign language. Dr. Ertugrul Uzar received his medical degree from Ondokuz Mayis University Faculty of Medicine. He then completed his specialization in neurology (majoring in brain and nerve diseases) from Suleyman Demirel University. Dr. Ertugrul Uzar has successfully dealt with hundreds of cases related to the following areas of his specialty: · Parkinson’s · Movement disorders · Cerebrovascular diseases · Migraine · EEG · EMG · Multiple sclerosis · R51 headache · Forgetfulness · Vertigo (dizziness) Dr. Ertugrul Uzar always receives positive reviews from his patients as he follows their case to the end without losing any interest. Physicians highly recommend him all over the country as he is very educated in this field and practices with a high conscience. His specialized areas of interests include: · Autism imaging and diagnostics · Magnetic field therapy (also known as magnetotherapy) · Epilepsy treatment · TMS treatment · Actimeter · Parkinson’s treatment · Carotid ultrasound · Botox · EEG · Stroke · Alzheimer’s disease · Headache Dr. Ertugrul Uzar has also contributed his wealth of knowledge to several local and international research publications. He strives to enhance his understanding of the field to treat people with more diligence and care. He is listed among the top neurologists in the country. People from all over the country are recommended to see him for various neurological issues.