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Dr. Eun Hwan Lee


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Live Dental Hospital, Gangnam

Seoul, South Korea



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South Korea, Seoul, Seocho-gu, Yeoksam 1(il)-dong, Nonhyeon-ro 105-gil, 48 라이브빌딩 1,2층


Dr. Eun Hwan Lee, a well-known dentist, and experienced orthodontist, is currently working in Live Dental Hospital, Gangnam. She completed her Masters of Science in Orthodontics from Yonsei University, Graduate School of Dentistry. Her area of professional experience in diagnosing, preventing, and correcting misaligned and mal-positioned teeth, jaws and bite patterns is commendable and highly dependable. Being an orthodontist, Dr. Eun Hwan Lee is well aware of how vigorous chewing, speech function, the appearance of the mouth, and smile are; thus, she pays particular importance to getting it right for her patients. She not only diagnoses, prevents, and provides corrective measures for existing problems with your teeth and jaws but also helps reduce the chances of your potential future problems. The services provided by Dr. Eun Hwan Lee includes treatment of misaligned and overcrowded teeth, irregular bite pattern, malocclusions, lip and cheek bumpers, maintaining space, the appliance of Palatal Expanders and Retainers, and prevention from tooth decay. She uses various dental devices such as plates, braces, and headgears with great precision and extensive care to achieve her objective, i.e., enhancing her patient's mouth appearance and bite function with minimum discomfort caused to them. Dr. Eun Hwan Lee is a diligent, professional, skillful, and experienced doctor. Her patient's comfort and health are critical to her; therefore, she provides comprehensive pre-and post-operative check-ups. For Dr. Eun Hwan Lee, her patients come first. She believes in maintaining healthy, empathetic, and long-term relationships with her patients. She also holds a healthy and collaborative environment for her colleagues. Her patients are delighted with her treatment method.