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    Dr. Eung Sam Kim

    Breast Augmentation · Nipple and Areola Surgery

    HERSHE Plastic surgery & Dermatology

    Seoul, South Korea


    Foundation year



    Contact Information

    502 Dosan-daero Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea

    Eung Sam Kim

    Seoul, South Korea


    Dr. Eung Sam Kim is a revered plastic surgeon. He is a graduate of Yonsei University Medical College, one of the best medical institutes in South Korea. It has produced many talented and accomplished doctors over the years. He studied further and pursued the field of Plastic Surgery as his career path. He is a Board-certified Plastic Surgeon at Severance Hospital in the Department of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Eung Sam Kim has worked at several places, thus honing his skills to work on unique cases efficiently. To list some of his work experiences, he has worked as a manager at Dae Sung Hospital in the Department of Plastic Surgery and a director at Belleligne Plastic Surgery. At present, Dr. Eung Sam Kim is working as a Plastic Surgery Specialist at HERSHE Plastic Surgery, and he is also an Adjunct Professor at Yonsei University Medical College. Dr. Eung Sam Kim also gives his services to different societies where he is a full-time member. These societies include: • The Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons • Korea Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons • IPRS (International Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) Dr. Eung Sam Kim has a number of different skill sets, but he specializes in Breast Augmentation and Nipple and Areola Surgery. Peers and patients alike respect Dr. Eung Sam Kim for his talent and empathetic nature. His goal is to work hard to meet the patients’ requirements and make sure to satisfy them via the surgery.